Sales Thought: Balance the Need for Speed with a Long Term Perspective

It is very easy in this day and age of “Immediate Results” to get hung up on a particular deal, and being told: “We have to get this one in!” on  repeated basis.  I understand very well the Need For Speed.  However, Great Sellers for a way to balance out this focus on the “Here and Now” with the bigger issues with overall notion of being successful in the Short, Medium, and Long Term.

With the Pressure always being on Sales People to Produce NOW, with this comes a price, which is in 1, 2, or all 3 of these areas:

1.  Relationship Management: Is getting a Particular Deal done worth trying to get the Customer to perform “Unnatural Acts” to close the deal Now?

2.  Roadmap to Revenue: While your may get a Short Term Win, does it really benefit you in Long Run

3  Customer Success: Will a push for Revenue Now result in a Happy Customer

Great Sellers always consider all 3 blocks to check as they work an Account/Opportunity!

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