Sales Thought: Sales Process is not a bad thing – Focus on Repeatability

Sales Process is one of those things people often Chafe at.  “I just get out there and ‘Do it.'”  For many organizations, especially as they grow, if they don’t focus on Repeatability, they end of Reinventing the Wheel over and over again.

I encourage people to examine their current Process on a few Points:

What Consistently Works – When you Win, what are you doing over and over again?

What Clearly Does not Work – When you Lose, you typically have this Happen

Self-Examination of the Process is important.  Determine what Works and what does not work.

Another way to think about it is the notion of Start, Stop, Continue. Continue doing those things that Consistently work, Stop those things that don’t, and Start doing now things that will result in Behavior Change.

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