Sales Thought: Selling through Vision Setting does not mean you are not selling your Product!

Setting Vision as a Sales Technique is not new.  I have found that it scares some people who are Married to a Particular Product or Service they sell as being the “Best” in their field. (Hint: It probably is Good, but is that enough to Sell?)

A strategy that works in some cases is that of Setting Vision.  You can use any number of words to define this, but Vision is a good one.  It means, in a Sales Sense either:

1.  We can take this customer down a particular Path – The Journey


2  We have Capabilities that will help this customer get where they say they want to go – We can help them achieve their Vision.

It does depend a lot on where your Customer is, where they want to go, and how well what you have can ENABLE them to get there.

With a Properly Set Vision. the Sale of Enabling Products and Services to Achieve that Vision will Follow.  Seller that does the best Job of Setting Vision Usually Wins!

This is sure to spur Debate!  Do you think what you sell is SO good that you don’t need a Vision?   Frankly, I doubt it!

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