Sales Thought: When a Deal starts to Go South, It is important quickly focus on a New Opportunity

When something goes Wrong and you are left without the opportunity you were sure of, it is better to Rapidly work on something new than to Dwell on what has happened.

As Part of this “Moving On” Process, Review your Sales Steps to make sure you have not been going down the wrong path.  We all Miss things at times.

Any Sales person who Brags about Winning, has clearly not Lost enough.  If you are competing, you are going to lose some of the time.  It is from Losses that Great Sales People Emerge.

Great Sales People Rapidly Re-Engage, and they Rarely make the same mistake 2 times!

As we close in on End of Q1, that could be jumping off point for some of the readers here!


    1. Art:

      So funny getting it here! What exactly are you pissed about? I seem to recall you were able to go from there to Disney and Build Epcot? There are worse things! Anyone we know even still there? Call me when you can. I hope to visit in May! All the best!


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