Sales Thought: Important Items to Consider at the End of a Sales Cycle!

Sales Thought: How to complete and better Still: Restart the next Sales Cycle is a popular topic as we close in on End of Calendar Q1.

Clearly, each person has different Goals in mind as you Complete a Cycle.  Great Sellers are never really done:

True Sales Professionals set themselves up for long-term success through Customer Facing Steps.

When you end a Cycle, there is the clear Celebration that can take place.  Nothing wrong with that!  However, my recommendation is that you have a Joint Customer/Company Celebration.  Does not need to be anything lavish.  But get all who were involved, and better yet, all who WILL be involved in the future engaged.  This is to thank the Customer for their Business and to Thank your Team members for what they have done or Will be doing!

Here is a Secret: At this type of Meeting, new People from the Customer Will show up.  Why?  Because you are NOT trying to Sell them anything. That part is done!  You may get to meet the person you never could to, who won’t meet with Vendors.

You are no longer a Vendor- now you are now a Partner!

Consider the End a New Beginning!  That is what true Sales Professionals do

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