Sales Thought: Quid Pro Quo ensures that a Seller’s time is treated as importantly as a Customer!

Depending on what you sell, this Sales thought may seem:

-Obvious – My time is very important – I bring in big dollars for my company!

-Ridiculous – My Customer’s Time is critical – They are the one;s doing the buying

Whichever camp you fall in to, as a seller, I would strongly urge you to always evaluate how much time you can give a Customer on Any particular Opportunity.

It is up to you, of course, but if you are not careful, you will give and give, with nothing in return.

My recommendation is that you make a mental note each time a Customer Asks for something.  The simple question is:

“I am giving, what do I get in return?”

It does not need to be “The Deal Done,” but it should be something of Value.

1  Access to a New person

2.  Agreement to take the next Step Forward

3.  Understanding the Buying Process

….This gives you the framework.  Just be careful not to become so Activity driven that you are doing All the Giving.  Sales People like this end up finishing up a Quarter having Done a lot but may not have any Results to show for it!  The Choice is up to you!

Quid Pro Quo – Give To Get!

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