Sales Thought: When Prospecting for a “C” Level meeting, be sure you are not the Dog that Catches the Car!

I constantly hear Sales Managers talk about “Calling High,” “Getting to the ‘C’ Level,” and talking to Decision Makers.

Too often, I think of what would actually happen if a Dog Caught a Car.  Can You imagine?

The Problem is that many times, Senior level people want to hear what you have to Say.  It begs the Question:

…..What will you Say?

Too often, people show up to Senior Level Meetings with the “Same Old Story” as they would for any other meeting.  You need to be aware that if you are dealing an Senior Level Person, in most cases you need to have a Tailored Plan of What you are going to say, based on The Senior Level Person’s:

– Title/Role

– Known Key Business Issues

– Known Bias Factors

It does not mean that you Cannot Have Discovery meetings with Senior People.  But in most cases, you have to Earn the Right To do Discovery with Senior level People.

For those of you with “Name Brand” Companies, I know you can get the meeting; at least Meeting Number One.  What I am less sure of in most cases is will you ever get meeting Number Two.  If you do not have a very well determined Game Plan for Meeting Number One, Meeting Number Two will take place about Five Levels down from Meeting One.

If you get Pushed Down, you may very well be the Dog that Caught the Car!

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