Sales Thought: When working a Large Account , and you get stuck, change your Angle of Attack

Too many People, when getting turned down once, do not consider the that in most Accounts, there are other Targets to talk with.

To those Sales people, consider Other Ways to Position what you sell.  Think of ways to Reposition, Reset, and in all ways look at things differently.  This is what I call Changing the Angle of Attack.  Military term is used in many situations  When you are not having success going at an Objective one way, you have to change the way you go about Attacking.  The Battle is not over, in fact, it may just be getting started.

Some different ways do to do this:

1.  Look at the Business Needs and make sure you are not overlooking ones they have that you have not yet addressed

2.  Look at how you have helped other companies in the same Industry address different Problems.

3.  Look at New Uses for your Product at that Account.

There are different ways to do it, but don’t give up until you have really approached things from All Angles of Attack.

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