Sales Thought: Every Sale Has 5 Elements to Consider! Important to know them as you are working on a Transaction.

I hope that this sparks Some Controversy.  The goal is to look at any sale from a couple of different perspectives.

Any item we Buy, there has to be right Convergence 2 Factors:

1.  Importance; It is Important to the Buyer that they Have that item.

2.  Urgency: There are a lot of important things we can spend our money on.  There are not that many that are Urgent.

In order to make a Purchase, the Buyer has to determine what that they are going to buy the item and that they are going to buy in in a specified Period of TIme.

When you are working on an Opportunity, it is about 3 Elements that a buyer goes through.  This is not about trying to say one is more important than they other, but they will all happen while a Buyer Makes their Decision:

1.  Relationship: Do I trust the Person selling me this Product or Service?  Has the Seller Invested Time to Form a Relationship?

2.  Roadmap to Success: By Buying this Product, I can see that it will do what I want, the way that I want it done, and in the time I need it to do it.

3.  Customer Success: The Seller needs to make sure the Buyer is confident in seller to not “Sell and Run.”

Think about you as a Buyer and as a Seller.  I bet you think these Items through each time you make a Decision?

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