Sales Thought: Making Initial Sales Calls, you need to learn from each of them to move forward!

As you are making initial Calls and trying to figure out what to say, it is about  understanding that you need to Always Be Learning!  No matter what you say, it is not going to work at first.  The key is not get Frustrated.  Learn what words make sense and what don’t.  Determine the right Questions to uncover Real Motivation for Each Customer.

We are in the Day and Age where There is a TON of information out there and the Customer THINKS they know everything about your Product  It does not matter if they do or don’t.  They think they do!

There very few “Better Mousetraps” out there.  So if a Customer is Interested, Learn:


+Why Now?

Or stated Another way, The Intersection of

+Urgency and Importance.

You have to figure this out to Uncover True Motivation for Each Customer’s Actions!

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