Sales Thought: Vision Reset or Extension – Why Being Late Does Not Always Mean Losing!

There are those who say that being “Late To The Game” when a Customer is Evaluating something means you Can’t Win.

I have seen Sales People even decide not to compete because they were not First in the Evaluation.

Great Sales People Learn a Very important Skill Called Vision Reset.

If a Potential Customer has a Good Idea of what they want- and that Idea or vision was set by another Vendor it can be difficult.  However, many deals have been won by a Vendor who came late to the Evaluation, and without Telling the Customer what they were looking for was not Right, they did a Reset.  These Come in 2 basic forms:

1.  Vision Reset: “We understand what you are looking for and while it is not wrong, have you also considered: Items B, C, and D?”  (List out items that you provide better than you Competition.)

2.  Vision Extension: “You are right on with what are looking for.  We can provide that to you, and many of our Customers are also able to Take Advantage of Item B, C, and D.”

In Some cases, you let your Competition to the Hard Work of Setting the Vision.  THEN, you can take advantage  pf their hard work, do a Reset or Extension, and WIN!

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