Sales Thought: Execution is Everything – Great Sellers are Relentless Executors

This theme has been Repeated, but it is a Key Element of Selling.

We live in a Technology Centric world.  Everyone has Information via a Variety of Devices.  Whatever you are selling, it is likely our Perspective Customer Comes in with a pretty good understanding of the product you are Selling!

Great Sellers ALWAYS Execute on Process.  Most Great Sellers know that they have a closable Opportunity because they have Implemented and are Following a Process that will take them to the End of the Cycle.

It does not matter what you sell.  Without a Defined Process, you simply Hoping that your Product is good Enough.  Here is a Hint: Most Are Not.  You have to Determine a Set of Steps that will work, get the Customer to Agree to those Steps, and ensure that the ENTIRE set of steps are Documented With the Customer.

Selling is Equal Blend of Art and Science.

Never Forget: Execute RELENTLESSLY!

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