Sales Thought: Key Words in Account Execution Planning: Repeatable, Patience, Execution

Account Execution Planning is not easy if done correctly. This is because there are many factors to take into consideration.

For those of you who are reading to know how to “Check the Box” faster, You can stop now.  I don’t want to waste your time!

The Top 3 Factors:

1.  Repeatable: The Process must be Repeatable.  Every plan is different and unique BUT the Process for Developing the Plan Needs to be Repeatable.

2.  Patience: If you are looking for Quick Hits all the time, you are going to be Disappointed.  However, will a well Crafted Plan, Revenue will flow from it on a Consistent Basis

3.  Execution: The Core is to Execute.  The Plan must be used to Execute on a Process.  The Plan must be Updated and consistently Used to be Successful.

It is not easy, but True Sales Professionals know this is the way to Work!

One comment

  1. Love this. It is really speaking to me. Especially patience. I am finally learning it.


    Laurie Genevish, President The Performance Difference, LLC 678-761-3550 Performance Difference Website Performance Difference Podcast “Partnering with companies to make a Difference in their Performance”



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