Sales Thought: Strategic Listening – How do you Execute on this most important Skill?

I have used this phrase of Strategic Listening a few times.

I thought what I would do here is to give Sellers a few ideas for Executing on it.

1.  Upon hearing an issue, one of the best ways to Confirm it is not to to ask another Question – Instead – take in the Answer you heard from the Buyer and Confirm what you heard.  You can put your own verbiage around that response to You Buyer

2.  Use an Example of as a means of Confirming your understanding  Once you have heard something from a Customer, it is not about Answering with a Feature/Function/Benefit.  It is about Confirming you are hear the Buyer Correctly, and one good way to do this is to come back with an Example of a Similar situation you have heard from another Customer.  This will determine if you and the Buyer are on the Same Page!

3.  Don’t be afraid to Take the conversation Off Line- you can prove your Worth to your Prospect by bringing in another Resource.  One of The Most Important Skills a Seller can demonstrate is that they have the ability to bring Resources to the Buyer.

We will go into this a few more times in the future, but I hope these ideas give you some Ways of Execution.

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