Sales Thought: In nearly all cases, if you are not prepared to invest, you cannot change the selling relationship to a more strategic one.

Depending on your current situation, moving it to the next level is typically about Proof – Proof that you are willing do several things and likely all at the same time:

• Proof that you will invest in the Relationship and not be a “hit and run” seller. Investing in the Relationship means putting time, effort, & money when there is nothing financially at stake – No current Deal on table! Are you prepared to make this type of Investment?
• Proof that you are interested in the customer’s success, and that what you are selling will successfully address the customer’s needs.
• Proof that you have a clear plan for how your product can be Implemented to address the Customer’s needs.

Demonstrating these points gives the Customer assurance they will get the resources they need to be successful using or implementing your Product.

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