Sales Thought: Transactions Happen at the Intersection of Importance and Urgency!

There are two key points to uncover in a Sale: “Is it Important to Buy The Product or Service?  Why is It Urgent To Buy the Product or Service?”

Sellers go to “Traditional” Questions about Budget, Approval Process, Access To Power, etc.  But before you go down these paths, Great Sellers ask questions to Uncover the Nature of Importance and Urgency about what they are Selling.

Many things in Business are Important.  But it is the INTERSECTION of Importance and Urgency where Things Actually Happen!

The Corollary to this is Who Is It Important and Urgent to?  It is usually important to know that the Right Person Considered something Urgent and Important to Get a Product Sold.

If you do not ask these questions, you may likely get Hit with a bad Surprise just when you think that you may be Near a Sale.

Ask questions about Importance and Urgency Early in Your Sales Process.

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