Sales Thought: Call Planning for the Year 2015 – Make yourself different with a Focus on “The Why”

Sellers are always asking about Call Planning.  Many have a preset notion in their head about how the call should go, and prepare with that idea in mind.  A good idea?

In the Year 2015, some things are very important that may have not been so important even just a few years ago:

1.  Smarter Buyers: Even if they are not that Up To Speed on “Your Product,” The will think they are, because they have Read about it and your company before you have call one.

2.  Social Media: The Business Impact of Social Media is no longer a Possibility, it is a Reality.  A Seller must go into a Call, knowing that the Buyer has already studied up on all of the things that everyone else is saying about your company and its products.

3.  Sales Cycles are often well underway before you ever talk to the Customer.  Because of the first 2 items and the fact that there is the huge amount of data out there already, you have to be one step ahead.

There is no getting around it.  A Seller has to be Smarter, more on top of their game, and have a way to distinguish themselves.   One way To do it is to think about your call in the following fashion:

The Why?  Why did they Buyer take the meeting?  Why are they interested in what you have to say?  Why are they trying to address the Issue now?  Why not last year?  Why not Next Year?

If in that first meeting you Can stay focused on the Why, it will lead to discussion on the next 2 part of the Cycle: The How and the What

The key is to not get ahead of yourself.  Restrain how much you get into the How and What early on in the Cycle.

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