Sales Thought: Strange as it may sound, when you are selling, try Not To Sell!

The Headline alone did get your attention, I am guessing!

Instead of Selling, always consider how you can help the person you are talking with – your customer – solve a real business issue. If you can do this, you will take an important first step towards bringing value: You are helping the customer, not the other way around!

Simply looking at your products and services will likely not  fire up the customer enough to place an order. Your brochure and slide deck, while good, won’t do this either. It is you that brings the magic to the show.

Sellers that focus on the big picture have the greatest chance to be viewed in a different light. By focusing on learning (from & about the customer) and not Selling, the Seller can demonstrate to the Customer knowledge of the business issues that are top of mind to the Customer. By Taking this approach, a different kind of relationship can emerge – one where the Customer will call on the Seller to act as that rarest of all Seller- the Trusted Business Advisor.

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