Sales Thought: Sell Close to the Person for Whom the Goal is Urgent and Important – Through Quid Pro Quo

In some Sales Cycles, you are blocked from the Decision Maker.

However, It is a question of what you do next: if you don’t push to get that point early in the cycle, you may not get there at all!  3 Key Words: Quid Pro Quo.  Get to that person Early and make sure you don’t Keep Giving without Getting in Exchange.

It is a really sinking feeling when the person for whom the goal is important and urgent parachutes into the selling process at the final stages, just when you thought you were moving to a close.

Should this happen, you can rest assured that your opportunity for a fast close will fall apart!

If you are lucky, you might get to start the process over, with the opportunity to sell to the real WHO on the account.

The worst case is that you are seen as not understanding the WHO’s goals and URGENCY (since you have never spoken to them directly!) and therefore lose your selling credibility within the account.

So, Remember: Get to them early – through Quid Pro Quo!

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