Sales Thought: You build the Account Plan Top Down, but Execute The Plan Bottom Up

The test of a well-designed plan is that it enables you to Execute from the bottom up – from Actions to Goals.

The Linkage looks like this:

  • Actions are linked to Tactics….
  • Which are linked to Objectives…
  • Which are linked to Goals

As you doing something on a Plan, consider how that action is linked to an upper-level part of the Plan.

If it’s not linked, then why are you taking that particular action?

Sales Thought: There is a defining question you can use to determine whether you are effectively utilizing your Strategic Account plan. I separate true sales professionals from the people who “do things” by asking this linkage question:

“How is this Action you are taking on behalf of the Account linked to the plan?

If the answer to the linkage question is always:

“Because the prospect or customer asked me to.”

We have a problem.

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