Sales Thought: Update Your Approach – Yes! Panic – NO: Everyone will notice- Especially Customers!

It is easy to write when all you are talking about is Good News.  People who made Club, Hit Their Number, Got a Significant Win.  It is more Real to talk to those of you who are behind, on Quota, Suffered a Big Loss, and may be questioning what to do next.

So, Lets’ Get Real: In the real, world Sales Struggles Exist.  It is no fun, but it happens.  You have a few choices:

Approach 1.  Pick you Head up, the Phone Up, and talk to NEW people – this was always the way that I got out of a bad Quarter

Approach 2.  Evaluate what you are doing and approach it with Start, Stop, Continue – what I talked about in the last Post.

Approach 3.  Think it is not your problem – it is Your Company’s problem you could be more Successful elsewhere – and start looking around.  Usually comes with some signs of Panic.

For those of you who take approaches 1 and 2, I think you are on the right path.  It won’t be easy, but you will make it.

For those who Chose approach 3: There are reasons you lose, but most of them are because you Got Out Sold.  There are times when a Lesser Product/Service Beats a Better One.  However, if this is Only Happening to you and not other Sellers at your company, you have to take Responsibility for it.

As a Professional Seller, you need to decide if you Really want to Sell, and got back to Approaches 1 and 2 or Get out.

In Any Event, you cannot panic.  If you Panic in sales, it is like being an Actor on Stage – Everyone will know: Customers, Colleagues, Partners, Family – Everyone.  So, make up your mind that whatever you do, don’t Panic!

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