Sales Thought: In 2015, It is about PPL: Process, Product, and Learning that Seperates Good from Great Sellers

There are 3 elements here, and non are Unimportant:

Process – Is your Process Consistent, Repeatable, and Sustainable?  If you cannot “Check Off” on all 3 of these, 1 will come back to be your undoing in Sales.  Check off where you are in Each Sales Cycle.  “Reinventing” the Wheel will keep you busy, but rarely leads to Long Term Success

Product – Knowing what you sell and how it benefits the Customer is key. The Connection between knowing the Product and understanding the Singular Benefits to Each Customer you are engaging with is important.  This is not about being an “Expert” in all aspects of what you sell.  But being able to make the Connection uniquely will help you in every cycle.

Learning – in the year 2015, it is not “Always Be Closing.”  It is “Always Be Learning.”  If you are not always Learning, you are being Out Worked and Likely Outsold.

I am sure there are many other items I could speak to here, but these 3 are ones that I believe can really help Any seller be More Successful

For Sellers in 2015 it is “PPL”

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