Sales Thought: A Sales Process is not Static. It should be Updated regularly. But you can’t be successful if you are always doing a One Off

I know that Sales Process is not a very popular topic with many people in Sales.  There a variety of Opinions, but it ranges from:

-“I don’t need a Process.  I just do what i do.”

-“The Process is too complicated.”

-“Our Process Does not Help us Sell.”

I am sure you have your own views on this.  The Reality is that when Process Fails, it most often does so because it is outdated.  People Put a Process in, execute for a while, and then Things Change: The Business Changes, as they most often do, or Competition changes.  The Pace of Change today is Breakneck!

Most Successful Sellers have a Process.  The difference is the Great Sales People update it regularly,  Of Course things Change.  But Every Sale Should not Be a One Off.

Repeatability is key to Success in Sales.  Like an anything we do, if we repeat a process, we get better at it.

So – Review/Update – The Execute/Repeat

Together, They will Elevate your Sales Game!

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