Sales Thought: Don’t Fight Sales Battles Alone. It is not a sign of Strength to Not ask for help!

In working with Sales People from around the world one of the most difficult things to do is to get them to Ask For Help.

Why?  Because Sale People are typically “A” Types and Feel that asking for help means they may not be completely in control of their Sales Situation.

Here is a News Flash for Everyone, In Sales Or Not:

“Control is an Illusion.  The most you can achieve in the Sales World we Live in today is Coordination”

I have said it before: Great Sellers Muster Resources on behalf their Clients.  To not do so, because you, as the Person, have all the Answers if Foolishness.

Do NOT fight Sales Battles Alone.  Even if you work alone, when times are difficult Great Sellers work with others to improve their Sales Situation.

Not Asking is not a sign of strength- It actually shows that you are NOT confident in your ability to Coordinate.

Great sellers are Great Coordinators!

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