Sales Thought: 21st Century Prospecting is based on: Message, Delivery, & Repetition

Prospecting is the topic that get me both the highest number of questions as well as the most Groans from Sales People.

Some think Prospecting is beneath them, and some think that is not a good use of “Their” Valuable Time.

My comment has consistently been that the Best Sales People Master all parts of the Process- and that includes Prospecting.

This will not be a Repeat of all of those posts that talk about how:

-Prospecting is Dead – No, it is not – People are still looking for Products and Services

-It is all about Warm Leads – Never Hurts!

-Certain number of touches – like it is a Formula

There are 3 things I focus on with Sales People- those that are really Prospecting:

1.  Message: Can you put your Message in a Tailored Format for a particular Prospect and delivery it quickly.  All you are trying to do is get to the next Sentence.

2.  Delivery: Have you practiced your Delivery with Peers, Management, etc?  Are you prepared for questions?  Do you understand enough about a the company you are calling on to have a decent Conversation IF you can get that far?

3.  Repetition: You will have to to repeat Messages on a consistent basis, and likely to many more people, if you are selling to a Company, more and more people are likely involved in the Decision.  People’s attention Span is short and it is likely and you have to plan on Repeating it over and over again.

Keep these 3 things in mind as you put together your prospecting Plan!

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