Sales Thought: As a Seller, continue to Prospect with Your current Customers- Your story and theirs will keep Evolving!

This may sound obvious, but I do find it interesting that Sellers do not continue to actively Position and Learn about their Current Customer’s Situation.

If are in the business of “Sell and Run” that is fine.  But for most sellers, just because you have closed one deal does not mean that you are Never going to Sell to that Customer again.

The advice I give all sellers is Keep Prospecting with your Current Customers.  You Story will change and So will Their Story.  Just because you are “Done” with a Sale Cycle does not mean that you do not talk to that Customer Again.

Great Sellers keep in touch and Maintain Relationships  It does not mean that you have to spend a lot of time with everyone, but when people go from Job To Job, they will remember Sellers who Focused on Maintaining the Relationship, not just Selling the Deal.
When that previous Buyer goes to the next Job, the will Remember- Both

True Sellers – in it for the Long Run to address Business Issues

Hit and Run Sellers – Sell the Product and Run away.

Great Sellers are True Sellers – Be a Great Seller!

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