Sales Thought: Vision Reset Can Be Done -If you DON’T Sell!

I am sure there are some of you who are confused by this Thought: “A Sales Thought but we are not talking about Selling?”

Well, it may be a little confusing, but I am encouraging you when faced with a situation that another provider had done all of the work up front- and THEN- you get involved late.  Many a sales person has bemoaned the situation of “Getting There to late” as a reason for Not Pursing an Opportunity.

However, Coming Late to the Game can be an Advantage – if you Don’t Sell, and Focus instead on: Resetting, Expanding, Redirecting what the Sale is Really All about.

Is it Easy? – No.

Resetting Vision is about Making a Change- and Change the customer was not expecting – and Can encourage them reopen the Competition.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Don’t involve Price – If you think it is about Price, then you have already lost – it is Rarely Only about Price
  2. Focus on Both the “Here and Now as well as Tomorrow.” Customer’s needs for Anything rarely stay the same.  One Technique is to help them by showing the Other/Additional things that they Might do with Your product
  3. Don’t attack your competitor.  Rarely works and usually makes you look worse than them.
  4. Involve New People in the Evaluation – You may need to get a new person/title involved who may have different Needs than the Base Requirements.
  5. Relay Stories of how similar Businesses to your Potential Customer have used your Product to address similar Issues.

And Finally. to Reiterate: Don’t Sell.  Focus on how the Company you are talking with can be helped by using your product or service.

Its Not Easy but it Can be done.

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