Sales Thought: The Best Sellers rarely talk about Product or Price – Especially Early!

As I have worked with many organizations, the first thing that I always see is the Heavy Focus on Product- whether that Product is a true Product or a Service.  Either way, it is First Stop in the Education of Sales Staff.  Now, I certainly not trying to say that you don’t need to know what you are selling!  Of course you do- the question is to what Extent.

What is interesting, is that I have seen, across, nearly Every Organization i work with, that the Best Sellers DON’T focus on Product- OR Price.  Especially early in the Process.

Great Sellers Act this Way:

  • Always Be Learning – Not Closing, LEARNING!  The More you Learn, the Faster you can apply it & the Better you fare..
  • Focus on the Why: Why is the Customer Interested? Why Now?
  • Focus on Making the Customer Curious; If you can make a Customer curious about what you sell, then you can translate that Curiosity into Buying
  • Get the Customer Bought in the Direction that the Seller can Take them.  Call it Vision, Call it Journey- whatever the Word – it is about where you Can take your Customer
  • Demonstrate that you are not there just to sell a Product – It is about taking The Customer to Get Value from what they Buy

You may think this is Obvious.  However, I encourage you to think about the Sales Process and where you take it going forward- Especially for New Opportunities.

What are you doing different?   What different approach do you want from your Customers?

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