Sales Thought: Achieving Balance of Activity in Selling is a Critical Skill

Balance is a word that has many uses:
Balance Of Power
Balance of Time
Balance of Activity
….there are many Examples.

Great Sellers have learned to Balance out the time they Invest in Different Parts of Selling.  To be a Great Seller is to learn how to Manage and Allocate time. Great Sellers rarely say they are “Too Busy” to do something.

Great Sellers learn how to Make each Customer Feel that they are Important and that the Task that you are trying to do for That Customer is Important.
What are the Important Elements of Balance?
Planning: Understand What and Why you are going to do particular Activities. Great Sellers DON’T ‘Wing It’
Repetitive Processes: As a Seller Determines what Works, they do all they can to Repeat it over and Over again.
Teamwork: The Era of ‘Commando Seller’ is pretty well done. Great Sellers work well within a Team Environment
Value of Time: Great Sellers value their time as Equal to that of their Customers
I am sure there are Many other words to describe Balance. Great Sellers do this and Execute on it in Consistently!

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