Sales Thought: Great Sellers Focus on Consistent and Continual Execution – For the Long Run

This has been discussed in this publication as well as others.

Here is my Word of the Day, Week, Month, Year, Lifetime:


Great Sellers may not be the best at any one part of the Sales Process.  But they are great at Execution on an overall basis.  When they find themselves veering off target , Great Sellers Self-Correct.  They do not beat themselves up, but the make Course Corrections on a Frequent Basis.

Great Sellers Reinvent themselves on a Near Continual Basis.  This is the Real World we live in, Circa 2015.  Great Sellers don’t say things like:

“I’ve always done it like that”

“I have been successful in the past, this is just a dry spell”

“I run the show, everyone I work with does what I tell them!”

Instead, they say things Like:

“What am I missing that others are doing?” (Self Correction!)

“I need to refresh what I do based on current situation” (Continual Learning)

“I am Coordinating the Team, and what can I do to help folks do better? (Coordinate, not Control!)
Great Sellers do these things on a Consistent and Continual basis!


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