Sales Thought: Great Sellers Focus on Customer Success ALL the time

Customers have Long Memories of Poor Customer Success.

Think about your experience as a Buyer of Anything: Don’t you end up not wanting to do business with that Seller again?

Great Sellers focus on Long Term Success of their Customers.  The Argument is often that “I sold it, someone else makes it work.”  Could be the case, depending on what you sell.  But the Customer will ALWAYS remember who Sold it.  And if you don’t continue to focus on that Customer’s Success, it will often come back to Haunt you.

If the Buyer Moves to a Similar Role at a Different Company, what will happen?

If You as the Seller, move to a New Selling Role at a Different Company and want to Sell to that Buyer Again?

Great Sellers are always keeping track of That Which the have Sold.  They want that Buyer to remember the Entire Selling Process, and it Absolutely Includes Delivery

Great Sellers are often able to “Follow” Buyers as Buyers change jobs; and Likewise, Buyers keep track of Great Sellers when the Seller Changes Jobs.

Also consider a Long Term Approach to the Success of Your Customer.  Buyers have very Long Memories and will remember Sellers who don’t think about Long term Customer Success.

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