Sales Thought: Without Perfect Information, Perfect Execution Is Impossible – Rules of Execution Are different in 2015!

I have worked with sales teams that were overly focused on perfection. I often point out that relevant account information changes at a blinding pace. Consequently, it’s harder and harder to execute flawlessly. As such, sales teams sometimes feel stuck and unable to move forward because they don’t have all the information. Once again, if you don’t have perfect information, you cannot be perfect in your execution. Execution rules need to be revised.

In developing each part of the sales plan, focus on having reasonable, but not necessarily perfect, information. As a benchmark, try for around 80% of the necessary information to complete the plan. This will be painful for highly analytic members of the sales team. With 80% of the information in hand, you should be able to execute the plan. While executing, always look to acquire the missing 20%, but never wait for it.

This 80% reality leads you to the following guidelines:

• Rapid execution of an 80% complete sales plan is a better course of action than waiting for more information.
• You will never have 100% of the information you need for sales planning.

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