Sales Thought: Failure to Plan Their World- How Sales People Invariably fail!

Every sales person I talk to says that they have a Plan.  Most will even reel it off for me when I ask.

The Problem at its Core, the Definition of “Plan” for a Sales Professional.

The Key is that a Plan for a Sales Professional has to contain some Important Elements:

  1.  Goals: What do you plan to in a Designated Time Period.  Could be a Year, Could be longer, but the Goals need to include at least 3 Elements:
    1. Relationship Management – how you will Advance yourself by Improving your Relationships with Customers, Partners, Team Mates, Management – Could be a variety of different types, but it has to be done
    2. Roadmap to Revenue – how you plan to generate Revenue for the Entity you are selling and yourself
    3. Customer Success – if you plan to be a True Sales Professional, you have to consider this to be part of your process.
  2. Objectives: How you will get to your goals – A Series of Action Items in an organized time bound Manner.  Objectives need to follow the SMART Steps: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound
  3. Actions: Where Sales People start – Life is a series of Action Items

The key is that Plan needs to be Built Top Down and Executed Bottom up

If you don’t do this, you will end up “Doing” a lot.  What I see is very busy people in Sales, but they don’t tie their Actions to the Higher Level Objectives then Goals.

This is a very important aspect of being a Professional Seller.  Do it and you will keep organized over a longer period of time, and Know that you Actions are NOT being done to “Check A Box.”

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