Sales Thought: Becoming a Trusted Business Advisor – Is It Worth It?

The question Posed is not an Automatic “Yes.”

There are many different ways to describe this role, including:

-Business Partner

-Go To Supplier

….and the Trusted Business Advisor.  So, the question has been asked: Is It Worth It?

The answer is that it is in some cases. Not very every Customer, but for those where you feel that you have a chance to really make a Statement about how you, The Seller, want to be seen,

Great Sellers act this way on a Regular basis.  It is how they do Business all the time.

Sellers, you have to make a decision.  The Decision is based on how you want to be seen in your Role as a Seller?

Great Sellers are Great because they have decided that they plan to focus on this all the Time.  They will invest more time with certain customers but this becomes part of how they act All The Time.

In future posts, we will discuss some of the most clear ways to demonstrate how you can Act if you want to be seen as a Trusted Business Adviser

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