Sales Thought: When in doubt, find a new Approach to take Your Sales Career Forward!

Sales is a field where you have the advantage of always having Something you can be doing to move Forward.

It may not be Closing “The Deal,” but there are always things to be doing.  Sales is not a Profession where you are ever “Done.”  You may be done with a particular Deal, but are almost always other “Angles of Attack” can take.

To Quote one of the all time Great Sales Stories “Glengarry Glen Ross,” it used to be “ABC,” Always Be Closing.  In the time Time and Sales Era we live, it is “ABL.”

Always Be Learning

Sellers who are not Learning will Rapidly Fall Behind.  What can you be working On?

-Relationships and Networking – There is never a limit to what you can do

-Prospecting – Where will the next Opportunity Come from?

-Current Deals – Do you understand how things will Really Play out?

-Partners – Who are you working with and how will you both win?

-Learning – Learning new Trends in your area of expertise, New elements of what you sell, what your competition is doing, what other successful sellers in your field are dong.

Great Sales People are always looking for new ways to take their Sales Career Forward.

So, are, do you “Really” have nothing to do?

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