Sales Thought: Never in the History of Sales has it been more True: Always Be Learning

It is important to know that I come back to this time and time again.  If you have just finished a Quarter, and done well, that is great!

However, Sales is the Ultimate “What have you done for me lately” Profession.

So, if you have done well, my congratulations.  To Ensure that they Keep Doing well, one of the Traits that Great Sales Performers have is that they are ALWAYS learning.

And depending on what you sell, it may not be about the particular Product or Service you sell.

There are always different “Angles of Attack” to improve on as a Sales Person.

As we are just starting the last quarter of the Calendar Year, consider any of these to be done – and the order is different for every Sales Person:

  • Product: Are there New things to be Learned?
  • Process: Where can you improve on your Process?  You have seen me refer to this as the “Start, Stop, Continue” List you should do each Quarter
  • Competition: Always changing, and coming from New Directions – who are the new Players in your area?  What are they telling Your Customers?
  • Company Resources: Do you know all the People that can help you work on Sale and are you using them effectively?  Great Sales People use EVERY resource they can to Further Their Business!

Each of these are items that Everyone Can Improve on.  If you are not, your Competition Surely Is.  The way it has to be in 2015 and Beyond:

Always Be Learning!


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