Sales Thought: Closing Steps are Only Real if Validated with the Customer in Documented Fashion

To Close a Sale is clear what everyone in Sales focuses on at the end of the day.  When asked by Managers about Closing, Sales People are all over the Board with their Process.

Just to keep it simply, I like to always say that Any Steps are Fine- IF and only IF- they are validated with the Customer in Writing.  Anything Verbal in nature will be Forgotten or neglected at the worst Possible Time.  So it is Extremely important to commit the Steps in Writing.  The Closer a Deal gets the Original Intended Close, the more things will “Pop Up” that were unexpected.

The earlier we document the process, the more chances we have to make sure we make it- and/or affect Positive Change to it before we get too close to the end of the original Intended Close.

While this may seem very basic to experienced people, it is surprising how many times we go through the Sales Process and Don’t do it.

The Better and Earlier we Document Process Steps, the more chance we have to Actually Make it Happen!

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