Sales Thought: By NOT talking about the product or service you sell, you can better create an interested buyer.

This may seem kind of contrary to some of your beliefs.  After all you are probably saying “That is my job.”   Well, yes and no.

We live in the time of the “Over Educated Buyer.”  The Buyer starts out the process with a Seller; and that Buyer thinks that they know everything about what they are inquiring about.  I am not saying that they do – but they Think that do.  So, as a Result, talking about what you sell will sometimes Not get you going down the right path.

Instead, it is better to start conversations  with the Customer about what they want to get done.  Even if the Buyer told you and are meeting or talking with you now to Specifically here about your Product or Service, you can often move the process ahead more by “Backing In” the discussion.  What I mean is that Great Sellers focus on what they learn about their Customer and the Business Objectives that Customer has when the conversation was proposed.

Think about it this way:

  • Why: Multiple Why Statements: Why is the Customer Interested in the First Place?  What has influenced them to talk with you at all?  Why are you a candidate to Help them?
  • How: How does the Customer believe they will address the issue?  What Steps have they taken or had proposed to take?
  • What: – Notice the Order Here – it is important! What Product or Service that you offer will help address the How and the Why?

Sellers who sell like this will usually have much better conversations and deeper conversations with Customers.

Think about how you go about a call and Where you Can take the Conversation.

And see How Long You can go Without Talking Your Product or Service.

The Result may surprise you.


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