Sales Thought: For those faced with end of year Pressure – Focus on the Intersection of Urgency & Importance

I realize not all are on Calendar Year End – but everyone deals with Quarter End and Year End Pressure on a pretty regular basis.
I admit this is an oversimplification, but the Nature of Selling is to Respond to Interest in Your Product Or Service. This is not intended to turn into a Debate between Proactive and Reactive Sales. That is a Topic that I could Write on for a long time!
So, to keep it simple: If Interest is Expressed by someone a Product Or Service, there are many Schools of Thought on Qualification.
This is the one that I have found to be most Reliable:
Sales Happen at the Intersection of the Right Person or Group having the appropriate Urgency and Interest in your product
I clarify this with a simple 4×4 Model. And this Entire model is based on the view that we have the Right Person group that these situations apply towards. So with that Caveat, consider this:
• If it is Urgent but not Important: Who is Urgent to? Is it Urgent to Someone who Can’t Buy?
• If it is Important but Not Urgent: This is usually in the category of “Not Now.” We will get it done later
• If it is neither confirmed to be either Urgent or Important: This is what I refer to As a “Science Project.” They will look but take no action
• Which leaves with Both Importance And Urgency: This is where things Actually Happen
The Mistake Most people make is not asking the questions regarding Importance and Urgency Early in the Process. Simply Responding to Interest is Nice, The EARLIER you ask; the better you can feel about the activities you take on to get to Close.
Put another way: When have worked hard and long on a Deal, and this happens:
• Goes on Hold
• Gets Delayed
• Goes to Committee
• Goes Into Thin Air – Disappears or No you get “No Decision”
I maintain in nearly all cases, you can save a Lot of time and Money if you Make sure you are working on things at the Intersection of Importance And Urgency.

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