Sales Thought: Since nearly everyone is involved with the Sales Process – Are we not by definition involved in Customer Service as well?

In working with a Customer on a Plan for Long Term Success, there are 3 Essential Elements:
1. Relationship Management
2. Road map to Revenue
3. Customer Success

If you do not have all 3 of these, and Execute on them Consistently, things will be missed along the way.
So, Given that most of you who are reading this are involved in Sales or Sales Management, I think you will likely not object to these 3 elements.
The one that many organizations struggle with is Customer Success. Everyone SAYS it is important, but in most organizations, unless there is a specific Mission around Customer Success, it often gets Left Behind. I am not saying that people don’t care about Customer- but when Push Comes to Shove – Sales Organizations will not consistently put the effort here that they can. It is Not that they don’t think it is important, but at the end of the day, it is about Selling- and that often means the next Deal.
Depending on what you sell, I would recommend that you look at what you sell and how you sell it. You may find that you have Customers who May or May Not be Happy. And if you don’t know, it often comes back to bite you Hard.
You may think the timing of this is Odd, since many of you are in Q4, and it is “All Hands On Deck” to get More Revenue in. All well and good. But I think that you have an Opportunity to take another pass at Existing Customers and do a “Refresh” where they are with you and you are with them.
You are In Customer Service. If you are not Conscious of it, you may get hit with a very hard blast to the Stomach from a customer who is not happy with you- and it may come back to hit you at the worst possible time – like End Of Year.
Sales Professionals think about all aspects of the Customer equation, and Customer Success is one of those factors.

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