Sales Thought: There is always time take of your Sales Team – Rarely does any ONE person make a successful Sale!

Great Sales People know that in most situations, it takes a Team to make it thinks successful.  As Such, Great Sales Performers take care of the people who work with them,.

When I here some Sales People talk about being in “Control” of situations- in most cases, my answer is:

Control Is an illusion.  In most cases, the most you can hope for is Coordination.

If you are going to be a Great in Sales, plan on always recognizing and thanking team Members on a Regular Basis.  If you don’t, you will find that those who Can help you will Find ways to spend their time helping others.

A few keys to working within a Team Environment:

  • Communicate: Always make sure You communicate with and your Team on a Regular and Prescribed Basis.  It is important that you always communicate with your Team to make sure that everyone understands what is going on and what the appropriate Action Steps are going to be.
  • Recognize: Make sure they you Thank people for the they give you.
  • Manage Up: Make sure Senior Senior Management knows what is happening and they don’t bother Team Members by asking them things that are simply going to take away from their Efforts to help you get things done.
  • Course Correct: In Sales, Things will change.  Don’t Panic – Course Correct.

There are many ways to do this But remember CRMC: Commicate, Recognize, Manage Up, Course Correct

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