Sales Thought: While it is Q4, the Sun Will Rise on January 2! Then what do you do?

I know many of your are focused on End of Year/End of Quarter situations.  No Surprise there.  If you are not on a Calendar End of Year, well, it does not mean that you are not in a Highly Competitive Time.

If you are on a Calendar Year End, you are trying to Close All you can, of course.  That goes with the Territory.

If you are not on Calendar Year End, BUT your competition is, you have to address that as well.  So, be on the Alert.

In either case, if you are going to Close a deal at an account, how you handle the transition from the close of the sale to the next sales cycle is critical to setting up a long-term relationship with the client.

Clearly, the most important sales step is to get the initial sale completed and closed. From the close of the deal, the relationship transitions from Buyer- Seller to Customer-Account.

Good sales people know that to become truly successful, it is more important to stay connected to the new customer and clearly define the long-term relationship. The best way to do this is to focus on the Big Picture and set a long-term vision for how you can assist your client going forward!

Now, this does not mean you are trying to Sell More.  You may be, but that is not the most important thing.  Great Sellers are focused on the Bigger Picture and Longer Term.

That Involves insuring that the Customer sees you as more than someone trying Close a Deal:

  1.  That you really care about them AFTER the Sale.  How do you plan to Maintain and Expand your Relationships?
  2.  That you will are Showing them How you can Help them with other problems down the Road.  This involves them undestanding how you have helped Other Customers with Similar Issues
  3. That you have a Firm Plan to Make them Successful with what you are selling them now.

This is a lot, but if you plan to be a Great Seller, this is what is required.

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