Sales Thought: As the Quarter/Year End gets closer, be careful you don’t do things that cost you More Later!

It is getting near the end of a time frame as Quarter End or Year End, the Temptation to do “Unnatural” things on a particular Opportunity is high.

The problem is that Customers know when your Quarter or Year End is, and will expect you to do these “Unnatural” things.  In most cases, if you are trying to get a Customer without having properly Established Value for what you are trying to Sell, it will come back to Haunt you in the long run.

In this day and age of Sales, you have to remember that Customers know just about EVERYTHING about your business.  As a Result, any action you take that is not a Proper part of the Sales Cycle will not come as a Surprise to them.  They will know you are likely going to Attempt to Close at the end of this Quarter or Year End Event.  Here is a piece of Advice you may not like:

Don’t Go For A Close That Does Not Make Sense For Your Customer

Sales People all over the World are rolling their eyes right now.  You are given Incentives to Close Deals at the end of the Quarter or Year.  The Problem is, if you plan to have a long Term Relationship with that Customer, they will Remember when you “Went For a Close when it did not make sense.

Instead, always remember to focus on the Customer and their Needs.  If you do this, you may not get “This Deal” right now, but if you take the right steps, you will get more later.

Think through the 3 Key parts of an Account: Relationship Management, Roadmap To Revenue, and Customer Success.  If you think about it all the way through, the situation is that most great Sales people will make the right Decision for the Long Run!

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