Sales Thought: Overcoming Adversity is the most Important thing a Sales Person can learn to do

Adversity comes at everyone in any profession.  Because most Selling Roles are a Competition, there is a Winner and a Loser. As the Saying goes (misquoted by many, but most of you know where it comes from)

“This Job is about Selling, there are no points for 2nd Place.”

And I am going to contradict myself immediately:

There may not be a Check for 2nd Place, but Great Sales People lose all the time.  Loosing Sucks.  No Surprise.

Whether you Win or Lose, it is important for you do the one thing that Great Sales People Do.  What is it?  Great Sales People don’t Blame Others or their Company.  Great Sales People Learn and Rapidly apply Learning.

Great Sales People bring new aspects to their Repertoire all the time.  They May do many of the same things in a Sales Cycle, but not the same way.

THAT is how you Overcome Adversity:  Be Intelligently Unpredictable.  The Right Things in different Patterns so you nor your company can be Characterized as doing Things the Same Way.

Since I was in a Car Crash and spent 4 and 1/2 days in the Hospital, I felt that writing on Overcoming Adversity was timely.

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