Sales Thought: Networking is not Meeting People – It is Bringing and Getting Value!

Perhaps this is the most obvious thing I have said, but Networking is not about Meeting People.  It is about Real Business Value

In this day and age, most people don’t have time to Network for the Sake of Networking.  Instead, you should focus on each Conversation specific worth: What Value do you bring to the conversation?  What can you get out of it?  In nearly all cases, the only Networking that matters is that where Real Value is Created.

So, when you go to a Networking event; consider this concept as each conversation starts:

  • What help Can I be to this Person and their business?
  • What can this person do to help my business?

If you Don’t get this out of a Networking conversation, you will likely have a host of “Barney” relationships.  Named for the Purple Dinosaur, it goes like this:

“I Love You, You Love Me -” and nothing really happens after that .

So be thinking about that you can do to help and what you can do to Get help.

And as it relates to Networking, it is not Always be Closing, it is Always be Following up.  It Rarely works after the first time down the path.

Networking is key and the Value of the network will be what you put into it!


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