Sales Thought: Don’t sacrifice Correct Execution as you reach Year End!

I know that many of you are a Month away from what will be Year end.  I hope that is a great thing!

However, what often happens in this situation is that Sales People will take Short Cuts along the way to get Deals Done.  I realize this is not new or extraordinary, but it works less than we would like.

The Simply Reason these “Unnatural Acts” don’t work?

The Customer knows your Quarter and Year End and is Braced for the “End of Quarter/Year” already!

Do these things work sometime? Of course, but more often than not, just just set you up for MORE Unnatural Acts down the road.

Instead of Sacrificing Short Term Game, Great Sellers focus on on-going Execution with their Key Clients.  Great Sellers get their ongoing transactions Completed, but in the CONTEXT of an overall Plan!

As the Title Says, Don’t Sacrifice Correct Execution as you get near Year/Quarter End.  Your Customer will know if you do it, and it will likely Cost you more Later than Gain You Earlier!

And the Currency that it will cost you is the One Currency MOST important to Great Sellers: Customer Credibility!

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