Sales Thought: Getting the “Rest of the Story”- How Great Sellers Execute

When Sales people have someone interested in their product, the reaction immediately tells you what kind of Sales Person this is.

Some may be Excited, Some may be Skeptical, Some may be Cautious.

There is not a Right or Wrong way to react.  It is more about about the manner in which you get what I call the “Rest of the Story.”  Made famous by Paul Harvey, this was about knowing the “Real” Reason that something happened.

When you are looking to sell any Product or Service, the key is not about What you Sell,  It is about Why someone would be looking for it and How they see themselves Addressing the Business Issue.

What Great Sellers do, without being annoying, is ask enough questions to understand where the Requirement came from.  There are not that many reasons really.  It may be that a Executive has come into the job and decided that this is going to be their Initial Accomplishment.

I am not trying to say that in most cases that there is not something sinister about Need.  But the Rest of the Story can provide Sellers with how the Decision is “Really” going to be made and by Who or Whom.

As a Seller, don’t be afraid to “Back Up” the Buyer away from their interest in the Product (The What) and have a more Why Based Conversation First.

Small nuances can make a huge difference in how you position your Product or Service.  Learn the Rest of the Story and you will be a Vastly more Effective Seller!








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