Sales Thought: New Age Discovery is about Thought Leadership!

Anyone who has touched any element of Selling knows the Term “Discovery.”  That call where you go in, ask a ton of questions and learn enough to determine what to propose to the Customer.

Welcome to the New World of Discovery in 2015.

Discovery doesn’t work that way anymore.

As a Seller, you are expected to come in Prepared based on your Earlier Preparation, to Offer up Ideas around Thought Leadership on the Topic which you are doing to try to “Sell” your Prospect.

Given the state of Selling in this New Age, Roles have really modified:

-Buyers: Already know a Ton about you and Your Product as you want in the Door – at they think they do.

-Sellers: Have to know enough about the Customer coming into the Sale to show Thought Leadership on the topic which they will discuss with the buyer.

This is not new, but it has become more Focused in the New Age of Selling.

So, as Seller, here a some Ideas:

  1.  Forget about Selling – be a Thought Leader on your topic
  2.  Discovery is now about Confirmation of the Information you have already Learned about the Customer
  3. You can ask questions, but they must be Focused around Thought Leadership on your “To Be Sold” Product or Service.

This does work, but it is a different set of Skills Sellers have to use.  Kind of like using New Muscles!

And More than ever, Sales Calls require Practice, Practice and more Practice!




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