Sales Thought: The Basics Matter the MOST at Year or Quarter End!

I wish I could tell you that this was earth shattering and something Breakthrough in nature.

Alas, it is not neither of those.

To use an American Football Analogy- with apologies to all of International Readers:

Selling is most often at its Core about Blocking and Tackling.  The Basics Still Matter, and especially at Year or Quarter end.  As a Seller, every action you take duing any sales cycle is a point you can be judged on.   What is amazing is that Great Sellers know this, and act MORE like Great Sellers when Quarter-End And/Or Year End is coming up.

So, I hope you have taken some of the Core Elements of what I have been talking about in this Blog, and developed your own Strategy.  Key Words for Sellers to consider when developing a Personal Selling Strategy:

  • Consistency – Wild Changes in behavior based on End of Quarter or year will only serve to Confuse your Customer and make them question whether or not they will want to work with you  for the Long Term
  • NOT Selling – Behaving like a Thought Leader – Encourage all of you with Sales Titles to not Act Like a Seller.  Act Like a Person who can be trusted to offer Business Advice
  • A Plan – Have One!  Sellers who go along with Deal to Deal thinking that things will get better invariably will fail.  It is important that Each Deal leads “somewhere.”  Everyone Like going on Journeys.  Enable that process.  You don’t need to Sell it All with each Deal, but show people where they “Can” go work you.

I hope these ideas make some sense with you.  I am not saying “Don’t Sell.”  But I am pretty confident that the Sun will rise on January 2.  You will then be right back at it again.  Why not go into 2016 already executing on A Plan?


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