Sales Thought: Control is an Illusion – Focus on Coordination to be Successful

I have rarely met a Seller who was not Type A to the Max.  They wanted to be in control, to do all of the things that would ensure that “They” called the Shots on “Their” deal.

In this day and age of selling, if you are going to try to Focus on Control, most of you are going to be Very Disappointed.

Control is an Illusion.  In today’s fast changing world, it is even more so that it used to be.

Top Sellers Got Over Control A Long Time Ago.

Top Sellers focus on Coordinating Resources.  The ability to Muster Resources on behalf of a Client is one of the most Important Things a Great Seller Can do to advance.  In 2015, No Seller can do it all on their own.  They need Help.  Great Sellers make sure they get Help early and often in an account.

The Customer Sees that this Seller is more than a Seller- they are able to Get Resources for a Customer.  Do Not Underestimate the importance of being able to get Resources for a Customer.

The Fact is, you can’t one of 2 things typically happen:

  1.  Your Company may be out of that Competition completely.
  2.  Your Company may still be In, but the Customer will go Around you to get answers to the questions they need answers to make their Decision.

Its Simple: Focus on Coordination and Spread Credit Around to all those who help!

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